Sunday, November 14, 2010


Good evening from a cold, wet, autumnal Sidmouth (it's decidedly dreary here today). It's been a while (over 3 years, in fact) since I posted anything on this blog. It's not that I've been in prison or anything, or even stuck in Sidmouth for the whole time. I just haven't felt the need to blog about travelling during the last third of a decade. "Why's that?" the more curious among you may ask (or not). Well, it's probably because I don't actually consider myself to have "travelled" in that time. I've lived in Sweden, yes. I've been a tourist in a lot of other places, too, yes. But the backpack has stayed in the attic during the whole of that time. But no longer! It came down this morning (not of it's own accord, I went up there to get it, obviously), I blew the dust off and opened all the pockets to give it a good airing. And I also found a few mementos inside that had been there since it was put away all that time ago. A random assortment indeed: a pair of chopsticks, a fly net/hat, a camping knife, fork and spoon set and a CD. Odd, but interesting and memory-provoking.

And it's now just one week (almost to the hour) until I leave for Argentina, so I thought it would be a good idea to get back on the blog bicycle. I may have fallen off (and stayed lying on the ground for a considerable time), but I haven't forgotten how to do it. Hell no! Well, maybe I'm a little bit rusty, but I'm sure I'll soon be able to pick up where I left off (not literally, because I'll be nowhere near Brisbane or Fiji this time). All of which means the rambling is back... the over-long sentences with too many brackets (within brackets)... the tangential thoughts... the random observations... the arcane language. And maybe some smileys too, just to prove that I can keep with the times as much as someone half my age. ;-)

So, as the excitement builds, I will leave it there for now. Feel free to comment, question, criticise (not too much of the latter... I can be quite sensitive, you know)... It's your blog as much as it's mine (how naff does that sound? - a sure sign of the crassness to come!)

Well, have a good evening y'all. Happy reading...

James xx


Anonymous said...


Cannot wait for the diatribe which ensues. It will ease the inevitable winter blues along quite nicely good sir!

Love you


Sidmouthian said...

Thanks my love! I'll do my best to keep it going and not be a lazy bum.

Love you too...

Bro xx

Anonymous said...

Hi James,
Was just reading your Brisbane chronicles, they are great, you write so well! Am looking forward to what is to come! Hope you have a fab time.
Bec Fraser x

Sidmouthian said...

Thanks Bec... there's plenty from the last travels to delve into, if you're interested (but it's a bit long-winded at times!) How the world has changed post-Facebook - it's so much easier to keep everyone up-to-date!

Hope all is well with you.

Best wishes,
James xx