Monday, November 15, 2010

7 days away

Good evening peeps. In an attempt to keep up the momentum on the blog front (and thus increase the chances of actually keeping it going once en route), I thought I'd attempt a postette prior to making dinner. I haven't got anything remotely interesting to say, but it's now less than 7 days until I leave for warmer climes and, all being well, this time next week I'll be basking in the sunshine of the Southern Hemisphere (they're 3 hours behind us, by the way, so it's currently 14:41 for all you time-zone aficionados out there). Yay to that (the sunshine bit, that is... whilst I am a bit of a geography geek, the time difference isn't something I get really excited about).

For those unaware of the details, I'll be in Argentina for 90 days in total... starting out in Buenos Aires... meeting up with a bunch of the nicest students I have ever taught (you know who you are!) and seeing where the wind blows me from there. I've got vague ideas of where to go and what to do (wine-tasting!) but no concrete plans. I'm not intending to rush around ticking sights off a list. I just want to get a flavour of the country (which in my mind is currently a combination of beef and red wine, with a bit of dulce de leche sweetness to finish and maybe a touch of Fernet bitterness on a Friday night). I would also like learn a bit of Spanish and (perhaps most importantly) escape from the winter blues. If I achieve all that then it will be mission accomplished. I'll be as happy as Larry (is that Larry the lamb? [come on, admit it, who else read that in a tremulous voice?] Hmm... Just wondering...). Anything else will simply be an added bonus.

Well, that's enough twaddle for now. It's time to load up on carbs and fibre before the onslaught of protein begins...

Have a good evening!

James xx

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