Thursday, November 18, 2010

Packing Procrastination

  1. ¡Buenas tardes!

With just 3 days, 3 hours and 9 minutes remaining, a small error has been brought to my attention.

It was kindly pointed out to me today (thanks Simon), that the title of my blog was somewhat misleading, given that I'm still actually in Sidmouth. I was umming and aaaaaaaaahing (that's with a Devon accent, hence the preponderance of "a"s) about a name change, and was (fleetingly) considering the following:

1. A Sidmouthian at Home
2. A Sidmouthian in Sidmouth
3. Still at home (with a Load of Geriatrics*)
4. Counting Down the Days (in God's Waiting Room)...
5. A Load of Old Pre-Travel Bollocks

In the end I settled for the above (that's "A Sidmouthian (Almost) Abroad" for the sake of prosperity, i.e. once I remove the bracketed item from the blog in precisely 4 days). In order to please the pedants among you I envisage that it will read "A Sidmouthian (Travelling) Abroad" for the duration of my flight. I hope there's free internet in S√£o Paulo airport so that I can make said change forthwith.

If it wasn't already patently obvious (the title was a not-so-subtle hint), I should really be sorting out what to take with me instead of writing this mierda de toro. But procrastination always was my strong point.

Just to prove I'm still in Sidmouth, here's another wintry photo for your delectation (dedicated to all those who have been to Sidmouth at some point in their (undoubtedly-enriched-as-a-result) lives:

Hasta Luego amigos,

James xx
*I'm not referring to my colleagues, by the way.

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