Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last day in Salta (and probably the last update for a while)

Good evening,

I thought I should complete the Salta chronicles, to draw a line under this stage of the trip, because I doubt I'm going to have such good internet access in the coming days (as I travel up into the mountains, and back down again). I'm heading to Cafayate and then TafĂ­ del Valle, before going back down to the lowlands, on a circuitous route back to Buenos Aires (hoping to take in Rosario, Parana, Corrientes [maybe], Iguazu and such like).

So, back to today (which is unusual in itself - it's not often that I write as it happens!):

Tuesday 11th January 2011 (the date is virtually in binary [if you ignore the 2!], as it was yesterday, which I'm sure will appeal to any computer geeks out there)

Another disturbed night. A guy in my dorm last night woke us all up with the most incredible snore I have ever heard. It beats Dad's train impression into a cocked hat! It's hard to describe, but the best description I can come up with is that it was like a cross between a dog barking, a (large) firework exploding, a clap of thunder (directly overhead), a pig having sex and a steam train on a steep incline. All combined! It was utterly INCREDIBLE. I would have thought I was dreaming, but the bloke in the bunk opposite looked at me and just said "WHAT THE F***!". He's Argentinian and hardly speaks any English, so it must have shocked him into speaking the language fluently (either that or he watching too many American films). Anyway, after the initial shock had subsided, it was actually quite funny!

Otherwise, I slept reasonably well and was up at 9am! I decided to make the most of the sunny morning and went out early(ish) to take more photos (currently uploading), buy my bus ticket for tomorrow and visit the Modern Art Museum (reasonably interesting, but nothing particularly special - still, it was free, so mustn't grumble).

It was then back for lunch, a snooze, a chat with Adrian (on t'internet, obviously), a further (last) walk around the city (still new things to discover, I found, even after being here the best part of two weeks), dinner, and now this. I'm writing like mad because someone is waiting to use the computer and I want to get this published before I go to bed.

So I will say goodbye for now and be back with a report of the mountains at some point in the future.

All the very best as always...

Love James x(x[x])*

*number of kisses depending where you come from!

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