Monday, November 13, 2006

Off to Rottnest

Saturday  11th November 2006

I had a bit of an organisational morning, trying to work out where to go on my journey south of Perth. The weather was a bit duff (sunshine and showers - some fairfly beefy ones at times), so it was good to be able to shelter inside.

In the afternoon I went into Perth to try and book tickets for the various coaches that I will be using to get myself around the south west corner. I was thwarted by the fact that both booking offices were closed (and one was quite a trek out of town - grrrr). Saturday afternoon is the only time during the week that they are closed - it would have been fine if I had gone on Sunday instead.

Luckily the weather had bucked up so I made the most of my dayrider train ticket. I explored Northridge (scruffy backpacker area - a bit seedy), Leederville (slightly bohemian), Subiaco (plush and chi chi) and Cottesloe (affluent beach suburb). The last three were all very nice to wander round, and, I imagine, very expensive to live in (Carolyn - where did you live when you were in Perth?).

The weather was still a bit changeable, but I managed to largely avoid the rain, apart from a very brief shower when I was walking along the beach at Cottesloe. I haven't worn trousers since... I don't know when, so it can't be too bad!

In the evening I made further use of the free internet and booked some hostels for my trip south... so I hope I can get the buses that I want!

Sunday 12th November 2006

Another morning of sorting stuff out... this time getting ready for tomorrow's camping trip. I washed my clothes, went food shopping and even shaved! Oh, and I did a bit more stuff on the internet (like a child who has been deprived of sweets for several weeks...).

After a pasta/spinach/garlic/parmesan/olive oil lunch I had a nice chat with Francis the Frenchman (the place seems more friendly now that I am about to leave...) before going to the Market (for bargain fruit and veg) and then to the beach at South Fremantle. The weather had improved since yesterday but there was still a cool southerly wind (although it was quite warm in the sunshine). I got the free CAT (town bus service) back to the hostel and cooked risotto followed by french beans (not a patch on the ones from the garden!).

Chatted with a Polish chap after dinner... got an interesting insight into their migratory zeal. Bed by 9:30pm (it might be the last sleep I get for a week... my tent beckons).

I grew to like the Old Firestation hostel during my stay. This always seems to happen. First you think it is a complete dump, with unfriendly people, then gradually as you get to know the place you feel more comfortable, open up to other people (who you realise are nearly all in the same boat as you) and start to enjoy staying there. And, yes, the free internet was a major bonus. I have saved $$$$$$!

Monday 13th November 2006

Getting 11:30 ferry to Rottnest Island. Looking forward to some open space and tranquility after the (relative) bustle of the city... Hopefully a full report next weekend (although I am staying in Perth City YHA [to go and see the Red Bull Air Race] and they don't have free internet). I'll see what I can do...

Best wishes,
James xx

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Lottie said...

Sounds like you're having a great time - I've just read (backwards)all that I've missed.....and skimmed through ALL the photos quickly - almost makes me think there are reasons for stepping out of West Dorset.......